Aquacity Poprad

Enjoy the real relax and rest in Aquacity in Poprad. Water in the pools has very pleasant temperature of 30 - 38 °C due to which you can enjoy swimming there even in winter. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water attractions, children play grounds, saunas, bars and cafes. Wellness centrum also a frequently visited place thanks to its ihalation rooms, jacuzzis or snow cave. Aqua city Poprad will surely fulfill your high demand and i tis an ideal place for a holiday in whichever season of the year.

Aquapark Tatralandia Liptovský Mikuláš

Tatralandia AQUAPARK , that is 27 water slides and chutes located in 11 pools with numerous attractions for children and adults. It represents the water relax centre notl only in Nízke Tatry Mountains, but it is the largest aquapark in Slovakia, Bohemia, and Poland with exquisite accommodation and excellent services. The source of thermal water streaming out of the depth more than 2500 metres deep with the temperature of 60.7 oC enables you to enjoy yearlong relax and vacation in the aquapark. Thermal water in swimming pools, which is beneficial for the health, has, among the waters of Liptov, special place. It originates from the sea waters of the sea, that used to be in the area of Litptovska hollow basin 40 million years ago. So, if you would like to relax, Tatralandia sea is the right choice.

Bath town - Sklené Teplice

In a beautiful valley, on the hillside of Štiavnické mountains, baths Sklené Teplice is situated. The temperature of its hot-springs varies from 37°C to 52°C. Hot-springs are used for treatment of mobile apparatus and nerve system. Winters are being moderate here, that is the reason why visiting this bathtown is suitable in any season of the year. Baths visitors can, thanks to its excellent position, spend their time doing active hiking in the surrounding Štiavnické mountains.

Bath town Pieštany

Baths - Turcianske Teplice

One of the oldest balneal towns in Slovakia are Turc(ianske Teplice. You will find them in Turc(ianska valley, which is surrounded by chains of mountains, like Great Fatra, Little Fatra, Žiar and Kremnické mountains. You can enjoy also wellness stays with procedures and massages in these baths. You will experience great amount of fun in SPA & Aquapark throughout the whole year. The beautiful balneal park with variety of precious trees and plans will be an ideal place for your meditations and walks. Come to relax and revitalize yourselves here. Specialized personnel will prepare procedures made to measure for you. Besides that, you will certainly enjoy good quality and tasty food and, of course, comfort of pleasantly furnished rooms. There are also cultural and social events organized in the vicinity of the baths. This town is a very popular, sought-after destination by domestic and foreign tourists due to suitable climate and beautiful nature.

Rajecké Teplice

Come to revitalize yourselves into one of the most attractive baths in Slovakia. Rajecké Teplice are situated in a beautiful area of coniferous and leafy forests. The sources of thermal springs with their water temperature of 38 °C have excellent curative effects. Surroundings of Rajecké Teplice are suitable for hiking. Parks with rich flora, which is not usual for this part of the world and create a festive atmosphere are also being a very interesting place for walks. Interestedly created lighting enables us to take even late night walks. Lake, which is to be found very close to the town, offers possibilities for other sport activities. Restaurant Fisherman bastion, which is build above the surface of the lake, is another interesting place worth visiting. There is also a minigolf, gym and tennis courts to your disposal. Come to visit this beautiful town to renew your strenght and get rid of stress caused by work. Rajecké Teplice is a town, which combines curative effects with beautiful surroundings, in which they are located.

Thermal Park Bešenová

Are you looking for a water vacation paradise? You will find it in WELLNESS & SPA BEŠEN(OVÁ, just a short distance from towns Martin or Ružomberok. Glamorous natural environment, 3 indoor pools and 13 outdoor pools, 9 water slides, children chutes and whirlpools in the open air and new stone beach with part for the nudists. The abovementioned stands for all-year-long wellness paradise of Bešen(ová being the unique site to draw the energy and vitality from its healing mineral springs. Both children and adults can relax in heated clear water with temperature from 27 to 38°C, which relaxes muscles and completely revitalizes the body.

Thermal Štúrovo

Štúrovo is above all a spa resort. The recreation complex VADAŠ THERMAL*** is well known even abroad. Thanks to its 10 000 person capacity, refurbished swimming pools of variable size, sheltered swimming pool, rebuilt buffets and sporting facilities it provides ideal conditions for relaxation to all fans of sun and water. In the swimming complex you can find 7 external and 2 sheltered swimming pools, including a massage pool, external all-year sitting pool and a unique swimming pool with artificial waves, the only one in Slovakia, a Lagoon of 3800 m2. Pools are supplied with thermal water from the depth of 130 m with a temperature of 39 °C.