Jasenska Valley

Several kilometres from the town Martin, ski resort Jasenská valley is located. Its base is situated in the height of 540 meters above the sea level. Come to enjoy an excellent skiing in the beautiful surounding of Vel(ká Fatra. You will find easy and medium difficult ski-slopes here, where you can practice to make your skiing abilities better. Besides seven ski-tows and a cable-way, there is also a children ski-tow and ski kindergarten for families with children here. Except well kept ski-slopes, there is also a luggage storage room, ski rental shop, sports shop and a restaurant here. You will not only enjoy excellent skiing here, but also moments spent in the heart of the nature. Skiing in Jasenská valley offers a great relax for all age groups.

Jasná Low Tatras

Come to visit the biggest ski resort, which with its quality slopes competes even with famous foreign ski resorts. Jasná is located on the northern slope of Chopok in Low Tatras. Since year 2007 Jasná is interconnected with the ski resort located on the southern slope of Chopok. Great amount of simple and even difficult ski slopes, ski-tows and chair lifts will guarantee you a quality experience. Those of you, who are big fans of snowboarding, ski-mountaineering and extreem skiing will also find this place very satisfying. If you want to experience something unusual try the winter paragliding. You can look at the world from the birds‘ perspective without even taking your ski boots off. SKI Jasná offers you never-ending amount of fun for young and families with children. Right here you can experience the best Slovak skiing.

Martinske hole

Ski resort Winter Park Martinky is well known for its excellent ski tracks, beautiful nature and a magnificent view on breathtaking hills and mountains. You will find tracks with different difficulty levels here and natural snow throughout the whole winter is no exception. You may use 6 ski-lifts and 12 kilometres of skiing tracks. Those who are fans of snowboarding may use special snowboard park, where Border Cross and Slides are just waiting to br rode on. For children we have children ski-lift and, of course, ski school. This resort also offers other possibilities to enjoy winter’s nature than just skiing. Very interesting alternative for winter sports is not only a cross-country skiing, but also winter hiking. Not difficult paths for walking, which are enticing even in summer, will reward you with splendid sceneries. In connection with fun on skis, stay on Martinské hole will remain an unforgettable event for you.

PARK SNOW Donovaly

Park Snow Donovaly belongs to the top ski resorts in Slovakia. This nicely built village, in the western part of Low Tatras, is located between Banská Bystrica and Ružomberok. Good quality ski slopes of all categories is a certainty. Besides skiing you can enjoy yourselves and have fun in variety of attractions, which this resort provides for its visitors. Toboggans, ice skating ring and snow paragliding are only few of many possibilities how to really enjoy winter. The youth also likes going to discotheques on snow and night skiing. There are several restaurants and snow bars, ski rental shops and ski service on the premises of this ski resort. A great temptation for many visitors are also competitions of dog-teams, which are taking place every year right here, in Donovaly. Enjoy the unforgettable fun in snow and end your day in one of the surrounding hotels that also offer wellness services. Your stay in Donovaly will surely be the stay of your dreams.

PARK SNOW High Tatras

Would you like to ski right in the heart of the highest mountains of Slovakia? Štrbské Pleso offers conditions, that will satisfy even the most demanding skier. As a part of Park Snow, High Tatras were announced to be one of the best ski resorts in Slovakia. There are excellent conditions ready and waiting for you there, like tracks for slalom race and down hill run, but also cross-country skiing and snowboarding. Every fan of winter sports will find what he likes in the quality terrain with ski slopes of different difficulty level. Would you like something more? Why not try very much liked night skiing. For those, who got charmed by adrenaline, there is freeriding on snowboard or paragliding. All this you will experience together with a beautiful view on the most beautiful Slovak mountains. Stay in this resort will surely provide you with great amount of unusual ski experience.

SKI Kubínska hola

One of the most sought-after ski resorsts in Slovakia is SKI PARK Kubínska hol(a. Right from the skis you will enjoy magnificent views on the lower and upper part of Orava, Low and High Tatras and the opposite Choc(ské mountains. SKI PARK Kubínska hol(a is an ideal place for the whole family to enjoy skiing. Its advantage is the south side of slopes, that creates ideal conditions for skiing. You may use nine ski-tows and one cable-way. Your children will appreciate children ski-tow and ski-school for kids, or Kids park, where they will have lots of fun with animators. You can also fully enjoy the beauty of surrounding nature by cross-country skiing on well kept tracks in the surroundings of the ski park. Would you like to try something new? Well, SKI PARK Kubínska hol(a has great new attractions ready for you! You can take a ride in the Represent snowboard park with a ski-tow, in the Free-ride zone for admirers of extreme sports, or you can test your skiing abilities on the slalom with stopwatch. There is also a sports shop and ski equipment rental shop in the area of the ski park, as well as ski-service and many stalls with refreshments.Skiing on Kubínska hol(a is a guarantee of an unforgettable skiing experience.

Ski resort - High Tatras - Tatranská Lomnica

Enjoy sunny skiing in the most eminent ski resort of the eastern part of High Tatras. There are 6 ski slopes of different difficulty to enjoy, from the easiest ones to really difficult ones. There is also children ski school in the resort. Take a lift from this highest located resort in Slovakia and enjoy the long ride down to its valley stations. The most beautiful view on the surrounding nature will keep your company on your journey down. For those, who did not have enough of daily skiing, there is an offer of night skiing, with the lighted tracks of 550 metres. Among favourite attractions in those surroundings is also a trip by a lift right to Lomnický štít or a ride by Tatra’s tram which you can use as an alternative kind of transportation into this resort. Fans of snowboarding and cross-country skiing will also find their place here. Tatranská Lomnica is crossed by many well kept cross-country skiing tracks that lead to the longest track from Tatranská Lomnica to Vyšné Hágy. Excellent ski slopes in Lomnické sedlo (saddleback) and wide tracks from Skalnaté Pleso right to Tatranská Lomnica are a guarantee of the best skiing experience on the sunny side of High Tatras.

Skipark Ružomberok

On the hill sides of Vel(ka Fatra, above the town Ružomberok you will enjoy skiing in the SKI PARK Ružomberok skiing resort. It belongs to the most modern skiing resorts in Slovakia. With its high standard of services, service program and customer care, it will satisfy even the most demanding customers. This is the reason why it is such a sought after place for relaxation by domestic and foreign tourists. Are you looking for a place that offers you different lenghts and different difficulty levels of ski routes? In SKI PARK Ružomberok both beginners and competing skiers can fully enjoy their skiing experience. In year 1997 it received F.I.S. certificates for all kinds of disciplines. Even adrenaline skiers will enjoy their rides here, owing to great possibilites for extreme skiing. If you are thinking about a great skiing experience in Slovakia, then SKI PARK Ružomberok is the right choice. Owing to its very convenient location, right on the main tow, it is accessible from all directions. When the weather is nice, you can experience a really great skiing, as you will receive a magnificent view on variety of Slovak mountains.

Snowparadise Velká Raca

You will find many great places for winter sports in Slovakia. One of them is definitely ski resort Vel(ká Rac(a. All admirers of this „white sport“ will experience an excellent skiing here. You will find about 14 kilometres of ski-tracks here on the whole, of different difficulty levels. Enjoy skiing on slopes which suits you the best. Or do you prefer cross-country skis? Well, you will find well kept tracks of different lenghts in Vel(ká Rac(a, with the line up for a 62 kilemetres long Kysuce's artery. If you are a fresh beginner of this sport, then you have many possibilities of making you skiing abilities better, right here. This place is just the right spot for families with children. Simply, everyone will find what they like here. If you have not stood on the skis this year yet, then you should wait no longer.Vel(ká Rac(a is expecting you. And surely, you will not regret.

Tále Ski, Golf & Hotel Resort

Not far from the golf course, the ski resort Tále is situeated. It is popular among beginners and intermediate skiers. There are six ski-tows and five, good quality ski-slopes here. Night skiing, with a lightened ski track 1.5 kilemetre long is very alluring too. Do you like snowboarding? For more experienced snowboarders, there is a snowboard park, where you can try Border Cross. Or do you prefer cross-country skis? Then we have something special for you. You will find a well kept cross-country ski track in the are snowed over golf course. Families with children will also find their place here, as there are children ski-tows and children ski-school here, but also variety of attracions, which will make the stay for your children a great fun. Besides all that mentioned above, you can also use an indoors swimming pool, billiard or a table tennis. The youth will most defininitely enjoy our regularly organized discotheques. Winter stay at Tále surely has it charms for visitors of all ages.