Golf and country club - Bernolákovo

Enjoy playing golf in a really beautiful area. Come to visit Golf and Country club, which is situated in historical area with Baroque chateau from the 18th century. Attractive surroundings offer variety of strokes, which give your play unrepeatable impact. Narrow courses between majestic, two hundred years old trees and great amount of sandy obstacles offer many interesting variations and backsets to your game. In the grounds of the course you will find places for picnic and grill parties, snack bar with a summer terrace and also tennis courts. There is a practice hole ground floor for the beginners and possibility to attend a golf school. At the same time you can borrow or even buy golf equipment right in the Golf club. The other advantage of this club is, that it is only 6 kilometres away from Bratislava which offers many possibilites for spending a pleasant evening there. The playfield of the Golf and Country club, thanks to its severity, will also surprise more experienced players. But at the same time it is also suitable for those, who are only beginning to explore this kind of sport. Playing on this playfield will certainly be an unforgettable experience for you. Golf and Coutry Club Bernolákovo offers: a 9-hole course Park, a 18-hole course Black River, a golf academy, a driving range, a putting green, a rental office of golf equipment and electric golf carts, a golf shop, tennis courts

Golf resort - Bác

Welten Golf Resort Bác( will certainly enthrall you with the services provided and prepare unforgettable experience on an 18 hole play field for all its visitors. The resort is situated on the Danubian lowland, not far from the capital Bratislava. Visitors will surely appreciate benefits of the modern golf playing field with possibilities of great night fun of the nearby capital. Welten Golf Resort Bác( offers: a 18-hole course, a driving range, an indoor tee, a golf academy, a putting range, a night game

Golf resort - Black Stork Tatranská Lomnica

The name of this club was given after a Black Stork which has kept visiting Tatranská Lomnica for several years now. This largest golf course in Slovakia is situated on the root of Tatras. Due to this, you will be able to take delight in a magnificent view on the peaks of mountains. Enjoy playing golf on a 27 holed playfield with complete setting. You will also find a golf simulator and putting green here. The rarity of this club is the largest roofed blast-off spot in Slovakia, which will be appreciated even by the most demanding golf players. Even your children can explore the world of golf in a golf camp or a daily golf school. If you would like to revitalize yourselves after a difficult day of playing golf, you may visit wellness hotel, which is a part of the golf course. It offers quality and complex services for all its clients throughout the whole year. Relaxing by playing golf in the club Black Stork, right under the peaks of High Tatras will be a pleasant experience for the whole family. Black Stork Golf Resort Tatranská Lomnica offers: a 27-hole course, a golf school, a driving range, golf simulators, a putting green, an indoor professional tee, a rental office of golf equipment, a golf shop, training lessons

Golf resort - Grey Bear Tále

By playing golf in a golf course Tále, you will certainly fall in love with this play. Golf course Grey Bear is the first mastership golf course in Slovakia. It is elegantly set into a terrain and surrounded by beautiful nature. Not only experienced players, but also complete beginners will fully enjoy negotiating the green. The golf course has firm playing surfaces, which you can find in the open golf courses in Scotland. This will guarantee you a game, you will most likely never forget. One of the most sought-after attractions of this club are golf simulators, which will entertain every visitor. You can also find a golf club, golf equipment rental shop, golf shop, areas dedicated for organization of different events and accomodation in the vicinity of the golf course. Beginners can undergo a golf classes and children can get to know the beauty of this sport in children golf academy. Come and enjoy playing golf on the mastership golf course, which will certainly provide you with extraordinary experience. Grey Bear Tále offers: a 18-hole course, golf simulators, a driving range, a putting green, a chipping green, a rental office of golf equipment, a golf shop, a golf academy, a golf academy for kids, training lessons

Golf Žilina - Golf park Rajec

Ideal place for golfers in close area is a nearby resort Golf Park Rajec. You will find a 9 holed playfield here, which is almost 2 kilometres long. Although it looks very simple at the first sight, much thinking, lot of small lakes and other obstacles are making a real challenge out of it. Everything is set and ready in such a way, that will guarantee you the most beautiful golf experience. In connection with high standard facilities, Golf Park Rajec is an ideal place for an active relax. First Golf Club Žilina offers: a 9-hole course, a putting area, a golf shop, golf simulators In case of a bad weather, the indoor golf club in Žilina town offers its visitors sport and social indulgece in a very pleasant area. You can exercise your technique on three golf simulators. Shop with golf equipment and a bar with a pleasant sitting by the fire place are also part of this golf course. Visitors will also appreciate the closeness of the town Žilina with its cultural, but mainly social events.

Spa-Golf Club Pieštany

Come and visit golf resort, which was, as one of the first in Slovakia, established in 1914. Modern playfield with long tradition will offer you everything what you need in order to have a good time whilst doing your favourite sport. There is also a club house, café, golf shop and hotel accomodation on the premises of the golf course. For those, who are interesting in learning the principles of this sport, there is a Golf Academy there. During winter months you may visit an indoor golf centre in Balnea Grand hotel. For all visitors, there is also a golf stimulator on offer. Depending on the weather conditions, you may also play golf during winter months in outdoor playfields. The Club is situated in a very pleasant area of Kúpel(ný island in the part Vrbinky. Thanks to its closeness to the balneal complex, right after the game of golf you can revitalize yourselves and gain new energy by attending some wellness services, which are being offered. From your golf stay in Piešt(any you will be leaving full of new gained strenght and great experience not only from playing golf. Spa-Golf Club Piešt(any offers: a 9-hole course, a driving range, a golf academy, a putting area, a chipping area, a rental office of golf equipment, a golf indoor centrum, tennis courts, crocket